July 5, 2013

The day after

I hope your holiday was good - in fact, I hope that, unlike me, you have today off and are free to enjoy a long weekend of family, fun, and/or friends.

It is official, I am selfish and pessimistic.  As I read the news, local and national this morning, I noticed that my thoughts were seldom sympathetic, and mostly cynical.  While it is unfortunate to have lost a home due to fireworks, and it is certainly horrific to see people injured when a professional fireworks display malfunctions, and it is beyond comprehension, the pain of a parade accident that causes the death of a child - I can't help but read the stories and think of the new regulations and laws that are likely to result, and the millions that will be made by lawyers as the lawsuits emerge from these accidents.

And, of course, I wonder how all of that will affect me.

Has it done me, or my children, any good to have a sense of personal responsibility?  I thought that the blame-someone-else thing was a phase people went through, and I worked hard to beat it out of my kids (figuratively beat, not literally).  Our president never learned that lesson, and neither have a startling number of adults in this country.  Maybe it even goes beyond the USA, but, in my life experience, there are still places out there that have a population of reasonable, decent people, who don't look to every bad thing in life as a reason to change, or make a buck, or force other people into their way of thinking.

I hope that there is some great reward at the end, because I don't even sleep well at night knowing that my actions and beliefs have integrity.  I lose sleep wondering if I have set my children up for failure in this society by teaching them to be rational and forgiving.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

That was truly sad about the child falling/jumping off the trailer in the parade. Made even more so as his father was driving the vehicle pulling it. How do you recover from that? I don't know.
I do know that most cities don't allow the kids to ride on fire trucks in parades any more because of similar accidents, or the possibility of an accident and an eventual lawsuit. It's unfortunate. My father raised me that you don't sue people, and you sure don't sue your neighbors. It was the way he was raised.
Have a good rest of the weekend.