July 13, 2013

The circus came to town

Austin, Texas, my great state's capitol, has, for some years, pushed the motto, "Keep Austin Weird", and the recent abortion debate brought every moonbat available to town.

The state senate kept pace, with a catheter-employing Dimocratic filibuster, and now, the grand finale:
As protesters came to the Capitol building in Austin on Friday, bottles of urine and feces, and even tampons were confiscated by state troopers as they tried to prevent anything from disrupting the debate.
I loved this response:

Granted, there were people protesting on both sides of the issue, but if the widely published photos are any indication, it was mostly one side of the debate being carried out of the senate chamber. I really don't want to put those kind of pictures on my blog, but you can look at a few in the above link.
I don't care what the senate was debating, there are rules of decorum.  There are established pathways to being heard by elected representatives.  There were weeks of public testimony before committees.  The people making a mockery of our governmental process disgust me because they waste my time and money - every taxpayer foots the bill for the senate to be in session, for the DPS officers that had to unchain the nutjobs from the gallery railing, and to dispose of the contraband.  And we would have been paying for the carpet cleaning, had they managed to get in with their fecal-matter Molotov cocktails.
If you don't like our system, work toward positive change.  Yes, it is hard.  Yes, it is an uphill battle.  And that is what is wrong with our country, in a nutshell.  It takes work to get positive results - not drama.

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