July 28, 2013

Summer Bankbusters

It seems that Hollywood is referring to this summer as the "Summer of Doom", with nearly every predicted blockbuster instead bombing at theaters.

Of course, most of the movies are shite. 

Of course, most of the actors are outspoken liberal jerks.

Of course, there is a dearth of new ideas.  Studios are remaking old titles, churning out sequels, and releasing increasingly vulgar material.

And they wonder why little yellow minions are raking in the money while Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds star in movies that aren't breaking even.

Adding insult to injury, the cost to see one of these crappy films is crazy.  While my family generally goes to affordable matinees, simply getting everyone something to drink costs more than the tickets.  $9 popcorn?! 

Is it any wonder that families like mine have grown accustomed to waiting on the DVD or On Demand release, where we can sit in the comfort of our own home, with $5 worth of snacks, and enjoy the movie just as much as if we had seen it on opening night?

1 comment:

kerrcarto said...

That is why I have a big tv and a surround sound system. Plus I can drink a beer or three during the movie.