July 25, 2013

Patrick's Pal

As a semi-frequent visitor to the George (H.W.) Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas, I feel that I am somewhat well-versed in the life and times of the former president.

On the grounds of the library is the grave of (Pauline) Robin Bush, the first daughter born to Barbara and George, and George W.'s sister.  Robin died of leukemia when she was 3, and the Bushes often speak of how her death affected the family. 

Yesterday, President Bush 41's office released these photos of him (and it looks like he is rocking some awesome socks to go with the 'do):

from Spokesman Jim McGrath's Twitter

That is the former president front and center, with his Secret Service detail.  GHWB shaved his head in a show of support for young Patrick, pictured here:

Patrick is the son of one of the Secret Service agents, and he is suffering from leukemia.  .

I read a lot about how our current president was a community organizer, and how he is the great uniter.  Could someone please show me one example of a kind thing he has done for someone else?  One instance when the narcissist-in-chief did a good turn?  A singular gesture of selfless care or goodwill?

Platforms and policies may determine political winners and losers, but there is something to be said for a society that elects a genuinely caring, kind person to occupy the Oval Office.  What a lovely gesture GHWB made for this family and their sick child.

I miss the Bushes.


CenTexTim said...

obama wouldn't give up one of his rounds of golf to help a sick kid, much less shave his head. And don't even get me started on the wookie. Barbara and Laura have more class in their little fingers than mooch does in her entire body.

kerrcarto said...

Nice gesture by 41 ,but, 26 secret service guys! Jesus Christ, no wonder we are going broke as a country. Let the millionaire pay a private firm.

Harper said...

I don't begrudge him any of those men - I have read the threats made publicly against his family, and can only imagine the ones that aren't out in the open. He served our country since WWII, I don't mind that bill.

Round the clock security (three shifts), and some of those guys are office wonks and/or specialists in other areas that aren't full time on his detail but were present for the occasion.