July 24, 2013

NY Mayor Race - Stiff Competition

I would not be the least bit surprised if this joke of a man becomes the next mayor of New York.  The fact that he is running is a testament to the short memories, or lack of morals of Dims.

When he announced his run for mayor, there were plenty of jokes:
Schlong-awaited announcement: Anthony Weiner to run for mayor of New York.

Compassionate unveils new, caring political slogan: "I know it's hard."

Did you hear about Weiner? It appears he's sticking his head in the mayoral race...but maybe just the tip.

Anthony Weiner is thrusting his way into the mayor's race.

For mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner it will be long and hard but he'll stick it out.  
And now, new revelations of inappropriate Clinton -like behavior.  Are we surprised that his wife works for Hillary?  

Say what you will about Matt Drudge....the folks at his site have a helluva sense of humor.  Answering the question on everyone's mind...Will he pull out?

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