July 20, 2013

Minus 1

It's been a long week. 

Cancer sucks.  For humans and animals alike.  Treatment in animals complicated by the fact that they can't speak to tell you what hurts, or what other symptoms they are having.  It makes the decisions more difficult on the humans entrusted with their care. 

Like any loss, I think we would feel better if something good came out of our experience, if we could ease someone else's path.  Unfortunately, our world makes that hard. 

We have an array of no-longer-needed prescription bottles lining the counter, among them, the only FDA-approved oral chemotherapy drug for canines.  The prescribed dose, for Gus at 100+ pounds, involved three separate strengths.  14 doses cost nearly $800.  We have 10 doses left sitting on our counter.  Common sense would say that those ten doses could help someone who can't afford this treatment.  Heck, that amount of medication would last a smaller dog for quite awhile.  Prednisone, Tramadol, and a few other drugs commonly used in veterinary care are also going to waste, because in this crappy society I can't be trusted, and neither can you.

While I clearly loved my dog and had the luxury of being able to afford the very best care for him, society, and our law, assumes that I am a criminal or nutjob.  Once those prescriptions were dispensed, I must have adulterated them in some way.  And, even if I can be trusted to simply want to help someone out by passing on what we have leftover, you can't be trusted - if your dog declines or, God forbid, dies from their disease while using my dog's leftover meds, well, clearly, you will sue me.

Because those chemo drugs come with a big orange bio-hazard sticker, they have to be disposed of properly, as in, taken back to the vet.  I may be jaded, and even though I love our vet, and I was very pleased with the vet oncologist that we were referred to for this treatment, a little part of me wonders if those drugs are being re-dispensed (and re-sold), because they are, after all, perfectly good. 

We should be worthy of the trust of our dogs.

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And God made a dog.