July 8, 2013

Hometown Holiday FOD

Chicago was not the place to spend the long weekend:
Violence tore through parts of the city from Wednesday night to Sunday night. Police and community sources said the bloodshed was driven by gang warfare, good weather, easy access to guns and a reluctance of witnesses and the victims to identify the shooters.
The Chicago Sun-Times has counted 38 separate shooting incidents since 6 p.m. Wednesday. Ten men were killed and 55 other people, including two young boys, were wounded.
To date this year, there have been 202 homicides, down from 275 for the same time last year, according to Sun-Times data.
Of course, none of the violence happens near the Obama home, there are 15 miles and a world of distance between the anointed one's Hyde Park home and the violence of the West Side. 

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is one of Blowie's staunch admirers and takes every drop of blood that is shed as a call to demand more gun control:
Gov. Pat Quinn said the four-day toll should be a new impetus to the state Legislature to support his amendatory veto of a concealed-carry gun bill. Calling them “commonsense” changes in the name of public safety, Quinn wrote in provisions limiting a person from carrying a gun onto private property or anywhere that serves alcohol, among other changes.
Quinn hopes to change the Illinois concealed carry law, a law that was passed with a veto-proof majority.

So once again, an Obama fanboy follows in his idol's footsteps - it isn't about the democratic process of our country, it is about what legislation Dimocrats are able to shove down our throats.

This isn't a gun control issue, though the government has the media and much of Chicago believing it is.  Look around, people.  This is a culture issue, not a concealed carry issue.  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas...each have hundreds of thousands of concealed carry permits without the gun violence seen in Chicago. 

All Obama, and his boy Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have done for Chicago is prove that thugs can get elected.

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