July 15, 2013


Obama, the great uniter, the half-white candidate that became the first black president, that was going to have the most transparent administration in history.  Transparent, as in, smart, educated people see right through him.

Obama has quite famously commented on the Martin/Zimmerman case, twice now, officially.  He has not commented on any of the black teenagers killed by one another, or white men killed by black teenagers, or any other of the hundreds of cases of black on white violence that grip our nation, and more disturbingly, his 'hometown' of Chicago each night.  I can't wait for him to move back.

Back to my first thought.  Obama was to be the great uniter, half-white, half-black, someone who knew a thing or two about communities and the people that make them.  And yet, I don't recall our country ever being this divided on a racial line since the sixties.  This morning's leading headlines from Drudge

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