July 22, 2013

FOD - Wookie edition

Golf count: 21 on the year, 132 during his reign.

You might have missed this, from White House Dossier:
First Lady Michelle Obama was Chicago Thursday for an official event touting career training for disadvantaged youth, but she spent far more time at a Beyonce concert the night  before, begging the question: What was the true purpose of her taxpayer-funded trip?
Michelle appeared for only 15 minutes at an event with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel promoting Urban Alliance, which provides assistance to students in low income neighborhoods seeking internships and helps them continue their education after high school.
She opened the session promising “we will talk and discuss,” but then left after making some brief remarks and answering only a single question.
But Wednesday night, a motorcade carrying Mrs. Obama and her daughters was seen being escorted into the underground garage of the United Center, where Michelle and the girls took in a concert by Michelle’s self-proclaimed hero, Beyonce. This even though Beyonce promotes unhealthy food choices for lots of money, records offensive music, and vacations in Cuba.
It’s not the first time taxpayers have been billed for Michelle’s trips to see Beyonce. Last year, she and her daughters jetted to Atlantic City for a Memorial Day weekend show at a Casino.
 Don't forget that the First Family is off to the Vineyard in a few weeks.  How many concerts, golf rounds and vacations have you enjoyed this year?  And did anyone else foot the bill for you?

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