July 2, 2013

A long way from china

I have two cousins getting married this summer.  Well, they are my cousin's kids, so more properly referred to as 'cousins once removed', but that sounds silly and snooty, so we stick with 'cousins'.

Both live in another state, and both have wedding dates that conflict irreparably with my family's other obligations, so we have had to regretfully decline attendance. 

Even though we can't attend, we would like to send gifts, and, despite Emily Post's objections, like many modern-day couples, they are not shy in letting everyone know where they are registered.

I like that sporting goods stores and home improvement stores are often on the list. 

I had a little chuckle over cousin #1's registry at a department store, as 'men's black crew socks, one pair' was on their registry.  I am sure it was something along the lines of a SKU issue, with some item being entered wrong in the computer system or a scanning problem.

Cousin #2 wins the prize, though.  Registered for the usual suspects at the usual places, fine dinnerware, drinking receptacles, small kitchen appliances, and linens, for all the boring people in the family to choose from.  They are also registered at a sporting goods establishment, so I clicked on over to see what sort of 'sports' they were requesting things for.

I am now very enthused about this marriage.

Cousin #2 and fiance apparently own a small arsenal of firearms, as their sporting goods registry detailed over a dozen different calibers and types of ammo.

Why didn't we have this sort of thing back when I got married?  Power tools and ammo would have been much more useful in my marriage than Waterford and silverware that needs polished.

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