June 11, 2013

What country is this?

I am slammed this week, kids headed off to different directions, big projects dropped in my lap at work with a due date of yesterday, and now a gimpy dog to care for.

When I have had a spare moment to read the headlines, I am repeatedly taken aback that the main reaction of our government, in response to being outed on their surveillance programs, is that they are out for blood and preparing charges to file against the whistleblower.

They are defiant, dismissive, and intolerant of the rights of American citizens.

Surely this can't be the America our forefathers envisioned.


kerrcarto said...

Your right, this isn't the America OUR forefathers envisioned, this is Dreams From My Father

CenTexTim said...

But if Bush had done it the outcry would be deafening.