June 15, 2013

Pick your Syria idiom

This week Blowie officially recognized that Syria really, really, really did use chemical weapons, so his magical red line has been crossed.  Now American military troops will be put in harm's way to aide a rebel force that might have had a snowball's chance in hell months ago.

In typical leading from behind and gutsy call = no game plan style, Blowie made a big announcement about how the U.S. will now assist the losing rebel force, after 90k people have been slaughtered, and with no discernible end game.  Who will lead Syria if the rebels miraculously prevail?  My vote is on Blowie or John McCain.

Though I have already used a couple, I will leave the rest up to you.  Pick your favorite idiom/cliche/euphemism to describe Blowie's action on Syria.  More than one will apply:
Wag the dog
A day late and a dollar short
Dead squirrel
Red herring
Moving the goalposts
Beat a dead horse
Two wrongs don't make a right
Slippery slope
If by whiskey
Kettle logic
Bite off more than you can chew
Throwing good money after bad
Hanlon's Razor
Occam's Razor
Chewbacca defense
A fool and his our money is are easily parted
Drastic times call for drastic measures
Hell in a handbasket
Pig in a poke
Screw the pooch
The bigger they are the harder they fall
Charley Foxtrot
That's all I can think of...

1 comment:

CenTexTim said...

FUBAR describes his entire term in office.