June 18, 2013

Paying for pride

Why isn't 'trying to find the body of a long dead criminal' on the sequester no funding list?  It doesn't take a financial wizard to see the dollar signs associated with this story:
Federal agents searching for the body of former Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa believe they are about to crack one of America’s biggest unsolved mysteries.
CBS News has confirmed a suspicious concrete slab was retrieved by investigators from the Oakland Township field where they have been digging for any sign of Hoffa. It’s too soon, however, to know whether the slab is anything more than part of an old foundation for a barn.
The dig — the latest in what’s been nearly a 40-year search — is reportedly the result of extensive FBI interviews with former mobster Tony Zerilli.
Help me understand why this 'mystery' needs to be solved?  If he ain't dead, he is 100-year's old.  Our very own government declared him dead over 30 years ago.  Organized crime isn't the highly secret, covertly powerful force it once was - hell, we have reality shows about mafia families.

Why in the heck is it so important to find Hoffa's body?

This isn't a private venture, federal agents (= your tax dollars) are the ones doing the digging.  You and I are paying for the extensive interviews and backhoes.

Someone please tell me how this is in the public's interest?  Who authorized this expenditure?  How many normal Americans are on the missing person's list that aren't getting the benefit of a federal investigation?

Our government has got to be broken of their drunken sailor-type spending of other people's money.  It permeates everything they do.  Digging up a dead guy, just for the sake of saying you finally found him, should be left to a private entity, not the American taxpayers. 

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