June 20, 2013

Katydid Cacophony

Dear katydid population in my yard; STFU.

I don't know the entomological explanation for the deafening roar in my yard each night, but I am about sick of it.

This may be the third or fourth summer of our discontent, but the past two, and the current one, especially, are notable.

Light sleepers need not bother visiting.

Each night as it gets dark, the noise begins.  This is not the winding up cry of a cicada.  This is not the chirping of a cricket.  This is a roar.  For hours and hours each night.  I was talking on the telephone last night and opened the back door to let the dogs in, the person on the other end of the line thought someone was mowing my yard in the dark.  It is loud.

I have learned that my oak trees are the attraction.  Much more of this and you may find me outside with a chainsaw at 2 am.

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