June 10, 2013


Golfing again...16th round of the year, 127th of his presidency.

Moochelle ticked off the Chinese by standing up First Lady Madame Peng Liyuan during a leadership summit between our Dear Leader and President Xi Jinping.

Somewhat ironically, the man responsible for telling Americans the truth about what information our government is monitoring, is holed up in a Hong Kong hotel, hoping that the Chinese won't deport him (or something worse).

Blowie might be playing it cool with the American people, but I can just see the tantrum he threw when they had to trash that agenda item about Chinese hacking.  Hard to be such a blatant hypocrite when the info grab story is so fresh.

I am still at a loss for words to explain how I feel about the recent revelations that our government is monitoring everything we do.  Part of me is wondering if there is an avenue for the litigation-happy people of America to file class action lawsuits against all of the internet providers whose EULAs and privacy statements have been rendered a heaping pile of poo.  When Microsoft promises, in writing, for those of us anal enough to print out some of those things, that they do NOT collect personal information and that they do NOT distribute personal information, but then it is revealed that they give up everything to the Feds...surely there is some recourse in there.  Has Mr. Gates made a statement?  I just don't buy the theory that secret intercept methods have been employed.  There are too many people responsible for too many things, for the government to be able to glean all that data without a considerable number of people being in the know, both on the government side and on the corporate side.

Seems like all this administration does, is try to explain away the ugly situations they keep trying to sweep under the rug.

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