June 3, 2013


Golf count: 125 counting this weekend's round.

Nearly 48 MILLION Americans are now receiving food stamps.  That's about 15% of our population. 

Problem is, I can't seem to identify those people, based on generic and stereotypical assumptions on what they should look like.  When I think of people reduced to needing public assistance, I picture this:

From Walker Evans

But when I am behind someone using their EBT card at the grocery store, they generally look like this (and yes, I tried way too hard to find a picture that wouldn't elicit cries of racism):

Incidentally, that fat ass is generally sporting several hundred dollars of tattoos, nicotine stained fingers, and a pricey, yet tacky, manicure.

If the visual evidence wasn't enough, try to reconcile 48 million on handouts while our nation also supports a $40 million per year diet industry.

When Boom and I went to pick up a Papa Murphy's (take and bake) pizza this weekend, and were slapped in the face by the "EBT Cards Welcomed Here" sign, it was Boom that pointed out the irony of the Food Stamp President, whose programs allow public dollars to be used to purchase junk food and restaurant-quality take out, being married to the First Lady of Heavy-handed Diet Demands.

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