June 13, 2013

Celebrating bad decisions

Each week when I drive Bang to his Boy Scout meeting, we pass by the grounds of what used to be an unwed mother's home.  The 'business' sold and moved on about 10 year's ago, but in its heyday was the sort of place where young women (and children) could come to live during their pregnancy, and they were provided with food, shelter, an education, recreation, and, of course, options for self-sufficiency or adoption upon the birth of their child.  It is quite the place, with a large home, some smaller living quarters scattered about, a pool, a school building and a large gymnasium, on probably 30 acres, surrounded by ranch land - well out of the casual passerby-eye.  Today it is used as a camp facility.

I am certainly not saying that we should take pregnant teens and hide them away, but I am left wondering, how we went from a society that tried to quietly and discreetly handle accidental pregnancy in a way that likely improved a young woman's life, to a society that makes teen mothers reality television stars.

It seems as if it is almost a rite of passage in some areas, to be a baby momma or be a baby daddy. 

I wouldn't impose my morals on others, but, sheesh, is it too much to ask for some of these families to be a little bit restrained?  I am not suggesting that we return to the days of sending a girl away for nine months with a fanciful story about school abroad or something, but I also have little appreciation for those that demand we accept - and celebrate - their teenager's inability to use birth control. 

I coined a new word, moronironic, a mash-up of moronic and ironic, to describe this group of people that, as a societal demographic, vote for those who fight long and hard to give them the tools to abort and prevent (the morning after), but tend to also be the ones that have the most out of wedlock children.

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