May 8, 2013

Today's conspiracies

I swear I am not a conspiracy theorist, but more and more, there are things going on in our world that make me ever more suspicious of nearly everything.

Today, there will be testimony about the terrorist attack in Libya that killed four Americans.  You don't have to be very smart to look at the timing, the events, the silence, and the ridiculous story trotted out by Susan Rice to know that there was a calculated cover-up to protect the president during election season.  Throw in the future plans to elect Hillary to lead our country, and there was even more sweeping under the rug.  I won't be surprised by anything that comes out of today's testimony, more likely to continue stomping my foot in outrage as the truth may illuminate the facts, but nothing will come of it.  Heads should roll, but I doubt they will.

In a completely different vein, I read this story about antibiotics being able to cure an estimated 20-40% of chronic back pain, and possibly prevent half the number of spinal surgeries done. 

Why wasn't this discovered before?  Even though doctors knew that many cases of back pain were caused by bacterial infections?  How many of us have been to the doctor only to be told to take it easy, use ice and/or heat, take anti-inflammatory drugs (are Doan's pills still around?), exercise, build core strength, lift with our knees, etc., etc.?  And how many of us have ever had a doctor give us a course of antibiotics for back pain complaints?

$10 Rx co-pay versus millions of dollars a year raked in for doctor visits, physical therapy, OTC remedies, braces, surgeries.

Nah, couldn't be any conspiracy there.

Any guess on how many years it will take for this course of back pain treatment to get the backing of the AMA and FDA?

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