May 20, 2013

Praying for Moore

I hate tornadoes.  Of course, no one really "likes" them - some may admire or appreciate their awesome, albeit destructive, power.  Some may be inspired to study them, and therefore, get excited by their appearance.  Some may think they have some form of beauty.  But no one can really like something that can do so much harm.

I have lived most of my life in Tornado Alley, taking out the few years that I was in Germany.  I would argue that they are the worst weather phenomenon on earth.  The way a tornado strikes makes it seem vindictive and emotional.  One house can stand unscathed, while just feet away there is total destruction.  Children are plucked from their mother's arms.  Items are picked up and moved, unharmed, miles away.  It is often beyond explanation, the way things are found after a tornado.

If you have listened to a few minutes of television coverage, or read an article about today's tornado, you will be aware of the instant comparison to the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, in May of 1999.  I drove through Moore just days after that tornado, I-35 had just barely been cleared, and there were massive piles of debris on either side of the highway.  At that point on the road, looking left and right, there was little more than a wide swath of trash - except that the trash was actually the remains of people's lives and livelihoods.

Just last week, Crash and I watched a documentary about tornadoes, and noted that tornadoes usually only strike the same place every 2,000 years.  Not to diminish the scientific basis of that bit of weather knowledge, but Moore, Oklahoma, gets more than their share:


I can't imagine this level of loss.  To emerge from a storm shelter and there be nothing but debris.  To run to my children's school and see rubble.  The pain is incomprehensible.  God Bless the families affected by this horrible day.   

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