May 5, 2013

Our first rodeo

Boom's first year of college is coming to an end, and with it, many lessons learned - both from the standpoint of a young adult growing up and into real world responsibilities, and from a family viewpoint of "shit they don't tell you about sending a kid to college."

Here is a million dollar idea for anyone in the College Station area...dolly/hand cart rental during move out weekends.  If you could get university approval for, say, 4-wheeler or Gator-pulled trailers, all the better.  Cha-ching.

When we arrived with Boom to move her in last August, we were directed to park adjacent to her general dorm area.  We were then greeted by volunteers that marked all of her items, loaded them on a U-Haul truck, and told us to go eat lunch.  When we returned, the items had been delivered to her (second floor) room.  What a lovely way to kick off her college experience.  Everyone was so helpful and friendly, and they move your stuff for you!

That is how they suck you in.

At the end of the freshman year, there aren't any eager volunteers to help you move out, the jig is up. Move out involved thousands of huffing and puffing parents balancing all manner of dorm furnishings and clothing as they hike a mile to their car in the no-permit-required lot.  The massive dumpsters and Goodwill trailers strategically placed on campus seem to call out to you, promising to relieve you of your burden.  Fate was on my side today, as I outstayed, by a long shot, the prescribed 30 minute limit on the parking space I used, and did not get a ticket. 

There are, of course, some smart parents.  The ones that have done this a time or two.  They had carts, plastic tubs, bungee cords, and smug condescension for those of us schlepping two handfuls at a time to the parking lot.

The also don't tell you this little gem...despite what the academic calendar says, and what you thought you were paying for, your kid cannot stay in the dorm until the actual end of the school year.  Students have to vacate their dorm room within 24 hours of taking their last final.  And good luck getting little Johnny to tell you, well in advance, when that magic 'last final' date is.  And, since finals happen during the week, the weekend during finals becomes prime move out time.  Tonight, thousands of co-eds at Texas A&M University are cramming for tests in bare rooms, while thousands of parents are back home, icing their backs and soaking their aching feet, after transporting Junior's pile of college crap back home this weekend. 

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