May 26, 2013

Not Martha Stewart

In a very un-Sunday-like turn of events, I am cracking the whip today, forcing room cleaning and other house and yard chores upon my weary family.  Our normal Saturday was hijacked by other commitments, and the house, and yard, have reached critical status for the amount of neglect they can withstand.

I don't like to be this person, but, none of my children turned out to have the neat-freak gene.  They are all content to live amongst unorganized piles of their belongings, dodging Watership Down-sized dust bunnies.

I am not a great example, as several temporary storage solutions have become rather permanent, piling up in my room, or shoved in closets that are now overflowing. 

While I love having a life that has provided so much to my children, the excess is really the root of all housekeeping evil.  Combined with the hand-me-down items, the younger kids 'have' things that they don't appreciate - or, really, even know they have.  My childhood room might have been messy, but I knew where everything was.

While I haven't ever put an emphasis on keeping a house that is eat-off-the-floor clean, I am suddenly preoccupied with thoughts of much less stuff.  Of everything in its place and a place for everything.  I would like to believe that I suddenly have some new-found cleaning impulse, but, truly, I think it is a desire born from the fear that I soon won't be able to remember where things are. 


CharlieDelta said...

I say just start chuckin' stuff. You might miss it for a fraction of a second down the road, but it doesn't last long. Whenever I get overwhelmed with too much crap I just start tossin' shit out to the Salvation Army, Good Will, or whoever will take the stuff. Anything left over from that goes straight into the trash.

You'll be amazed how much weight it can remove from your mind...

InsomniacSeeker said...

I need to tackle my spare bedroom, and the paper trail boxes that I have would be a great start. Then there are the boxes full of books that are sitting in there too. There's a bookcase just waiting to be assembled to hold them. I procrastinate too much.