May 16, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

Trying to catch up after a harried, long night of weather and travel related issues.

So, what did I miss yesterday as I traversed the wilds of Oklahoma?

The IRS head got canned.  Yeah, that will fix it.  What I have read of Obama's address reeks of him trying to head off what many think is inevitable - the appointment of a special prosecutor.  His talk of supporting Congress, of Democrats and Republicans working together without politics or partisan other words, anyone demanding that there be actual work product and results from an investigation - documents, names, timelines - will only be politicizing the issue. 

The White House revealed a whopping 94 pages of emails related to Benghazi.  I don't know about you, but my kindergartener's room mom can generate 94 pages of email soliciting juice boxes for field day.  A terrorist attack that resulted in the death of four Americans probably generated 94 pages of email in the first 3 minutes.  How deep, how destructive, how disturbing must the truth be, if it took this administration eight months and all they came up with was 94 pages, filled with redaction black boxes?  And poor Jay Carney.  He probably only thinks for himself about 5% of the time, being a puppet of the administration, who must go into the press briefing room everyday and say what they tell him to say.  And now they go and release 94 pages of emails that prove he stood there and repeatedly lied. 

And scandal numero tres of the week, the capture of AP phone records, seems to be taking a back seat, but still, I hope, has the press riled up enough, that they will give these other two stories the coverage they have deserved all along. 

I am not generally an optimist, but I figure it is worth a try.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

I can generate 94 pages of paper by issuing a single property policy from my desk...and that's the pre-printed plan document, with nothing else. Nobody ever reads it.
Nothing but lies coming out of the WH these days, and have no faith that anything useful will be done about it.
One thing, the Benghazi crap should make sure that Hillary does not run in 2016, but I'm not sure it will.