May 23, 2013

Gotta start sometime

I have seen in my children fierce streaks of independence.  I think that is wonderful.  I have heard my children pronounce lofty ideals and beliefs, which is great, as well.  I don't expect or demand that my kids think the way I do.  We have tried to establish solid morals and values which are based, of course, in our beliefs - but there is certainly some wiggle room, and strong encouragement for independent thought.

Whenever my children express something, in agreement with my beliefs or not, I ask them to explain their position.  I don't want to hear them parrot my opinions.  I also don't want them to grow up with wonky liberal ideas, but if they can make a case for what they think, I will listen and support them (and try to steer them to information that helps them see the light!)

Today may well be Bang's first foray into an ugly political situation.  Sure, he has heard and seen many a national and, even uglier, local political scrum.  But today, Bang will likely be yelled at, or toward, from both sides of a heated battle.

Today the Boy Scouts of America, at a meeting held in Grapevine, Texas, will vote on a resolution that will determine whether or not openly gay children can be members.  My son was asked to volunteer at the meeting.

We have talked about what the people protesting may say or do.  I have encouraged him to do nothing more than smile and exhibit the Boy Scout characteristics;  trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. (Okay, so he struggles with thrifty and clean...)

My son is a Life Scout, with only his final project left to achieve Eagle.  I don't know that there is anything to gain in making some big political or religious statement dependent on the decision made today (or tomorrow) and yanking him out of Scouting so close to the ultimate goal.  Bang is likely to keep on trucking, earning the highest rank in an organization that will be diminished because of the decision, no matter what it is.

I don't care what gay people do, right up until they start demanding accommodation that heterosexual people aren't allowed.  They can have gay clubs and special treatment, but demand recognition, acceptance and open arms in clubs and organizations that were established with very "straight" religious foundations.  This has nothing to do with equality, in fact, it reeks of bias.  This is America - everyone is free to form their own group, club, organization, with their own values and rules.  I have no patience for those who want to do nothing more than tear down what others have built, in the name of equality.

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jeff said...

Excellent point Harper. If my kid was just a few years in, I would pull him out. Not because I have anything against gay people, whatever floats their boat. But like you, I believe the Boy Scouts program was designed to keep the kids on the straight and narrow, heavy on the straight part.

Decisions have consequences, this may be the end of the scouting program, at least in my state.