May 1, 2013

Forced Desensitization

What is is that the breast feeding-in-public, bare boob brigade is hoping to accomplish?

I don't have to link to any of the stories about "nurse-ins" and other ridiculous faux protests, today I have a real life example.  Two, actually.

The first is from one of my company's affiliate businesses.  It is a business that specializes in offering a type of instruction to children.  Parents are provided with a viewing room to watch little Johnny and Jane, through one way glass.  Recently one of the moms has taken to breast feeding while the older child is at their lesson.  She is not one to be bothered with any sort of covering.  Nor is she discreet.  Apparently the latching and unlatching is a full frontal extravaganza for the dads in the viewing room.  Several have complained.

Legally, there is nothing the manager can do.  No one has actually approached bare boob Barb, but most of us are in agreement that people who put on such a display are doing it with more than just infant nutrition in mind.  If she wanted privacy, or cared about exposing herself to complete strangers, she would seek some other sort of accommodation. 

Do these mothers think that making people uncomfortable will somehow morph into a societal acceptance of nudity in public?  I understand that breast feeding is natural, and the healthiest choice for babies.  But if you wouldn't walk into your boss's office, or your kid's kindergarten class and flop out a breast, how does wrapping a baby's mouth around it suddenly make nudity acceptable? 

There are men who have had to register as sex offenders for urinating in public in view of children - how is this any different?  Urination is a necessary bodily function that requires a part of the human body that is also featured in sexual activity, same as a breast. 

The second part of my story is how a local restaurant (national steakhouse chain) handled a woman breastfeeding in their dining room without any sort of cover.  Shortly after she began exposing herself in the process of feeding her child, several waiters approached, and turning their backs to the table, formed a row, fanning out their aprons to create a visual screen between the breast feeding woman and the rest of the people in the dining room. 

Kudos to them. 

And for militant publicly exposed breast feeders everywhere, I would simply say that I support your right to nourish your child, but ask that you don't forget the basic principle of American liberties - your rights end when they infringe upon someone else's.  Be considerate.  If you don't want your husband or sons to see my boobs, keep yours out of my family's face.

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