May 2, 2013

A little more help for our 'friends'

The president of these United States will be trying to sell his immigration plan today, to an eager crowd of Mexico.

Blowie is set to meet with Mexican President Pena Nieto, to discuss how American taxpayers can support Mexico through trade deals, cash infusions, and lax border security.  That isn't exactly how the White House words it, but isn't that what it boils down to?

We've given Mexico over $1.9 billion since 2008.  Blowie and the libs are doing everything they can to grant citizenship to the $11+ million people who entered our country illegally. And still, they want more.
For Pena Nieto, Obama's visit is a chance for him to showcase his country's economic gains. After suffering along with the U.S. during the recession, its economy is now growing at a better clip than that of the U.S. Per capita income has gone from an annual $7,900 two years ago to $10,146. But Diana Negroponte, a Latin America expert at the Brookings Institution, says corruption remains endemic, human rights are still a problem, and efforts to change and improve the judicial system have been too slow.
"There is concern on our side of the border that greater help needs to be given in order for Mexico to reform its system," she said.
That sums up my battle as a parent, friend, and business person.  Fighting those who believe that the answer to their problems is dependent on someone else doing something for them.  I call bullshit!  The American Dream, as I learned it, is about self-reliance, hard work, and perseverance.

Greater help, indeed.  

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jeffli6 said...

The best thing for the US would be for Mexico to have a thriving economy. Mexicans being able to stay in their own country and thrive would certainly help the immigration problem.
That being said, the US can't control it's politicians from greed and corruption. If we can't do it, I doubt Mexico ever will.