April 20, 2013

Whoopsie, accidentally tripped and unplugged your respirator

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While I am not opposed to gleaning information from the little P.O.S. radical Islamic terrorist in Boston, I do hope that once he is thoroughly interrogated, that he succumbs to infection, respiratory arrest, or some other easily explained-away post-injury condition.  Here's why...

I believe that human nature is generally forgiving.  Most people, with the passage of time, come to a place where they feel that putting something behind them, or coming to terms with something, is a better place to be, than clinging to anger and bitterness.  Being angry and bitter for years is no way to live life, and a long drawn out trial will cause many people to stay in that mode.

Some will argue that the victims of the Boston bombing, and the families of those lost, want to see this punk brought to justice, want him to spend the rest of his life riddled with guilt, or some other emotion that I would argue he probably isn't capable of.

We don't yet know the extent of his injuries, and my second most fervent hope is that he makes a full recovery.  What I absolutely do not want to see is another terrorist pushed into the courtroom in a wheelchair, wrapped in a blanket, looking frail (see: Nidal Hasan).  I don't want to see years of trials, appeals, demands for religious accommodation, and liberal talking heads saying that we can't profile Muslim men with backpacks, because that is just irrational and offensive to the religion of peace.

If this asshole survives, the people of Boston will spend years clinging to hatred and bitterness, trudging to the courthouse for hearings, pouring over documents, dredging up the fear and pain of the bombing over and over again.  If he dies, the emotional part of the healing process can move forward, with a reasonable expectation of resolution, instead of constant setbacks each time his face is on the television, or there is a notice of hearing.

I am sure, among those affected in Boston, that there are some fine people that have much more respect for this creep's life than I do, and they would likely feel bad if he died.  Sorry to offend.  I'll stand with the uncle who declared them losers and said they didn't deserve to live.


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