April 27, 2013

Waiting for the big quake

It has been a few years since I sat in a classroom on a daily basis, but don't recall reading anything about significant changes to the teaching of plate tectonics and fault lines.  I am feeling kind of let down by that San Andreas fault, you know, the one that is supposed to send part of Commiefornia into oceanic oblivion.

Looking at a map, and, again, being several years removed from my last geology class, I am not sure how a Big One along that fault would affect Sacramento.  Maybe there is another fault line I can pin my hopes on.  Or, perhaps, Jack Ohman will be standing directly over the fault line when she goes.

I won't reproduce it here, but Ohman drew a disgusting and inappropriate cartoon that was published in a Sacramento rag.
The cartoon in Thursday's edition shows (Governor) Perry crowing that "Business is Booming," flanked by signs saying "Low Tax!" and "`Low Regs!" It's a play on the Republican's often-repeated mantra that his state's low-regulation, business-friendly climate has its economy humming.
The next panel reads "Boom!" as a blast engulfs the area behind the governor and his signs.
Fourteen people died in the explosion in West.  And, while it makes no difference in the base argument against this pig of a cartoonist, the fertilizer plant was clearly in violation of several federal and state regulations.
I am anxiously awaiting Ohman's cartoon depicting the federal government's ineptness in identifying terrorists on our own soil.  Can't wait to see the panel with Obama and Napolitano framed by bloody limbs flying through the air on Boylston Street.  
There is nothing thought-provoking or inspiring about glorifying the death of Americans.  If this jerk of a cartoonist wasn't an American himself, such an action could land him on a terrorist watch list.  
Some people find noble callings in their life.  They seek to affect change, or raise awareness of important issues.  Some people trek across our nation carrying crosses, or bearing messages of peace to those they meet.  If I ever win the lottery, I will make it my life's mission to travel around the country and find offensive people like Jack Ohman, and kick them in the balls.

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