April 10, 2013

Reliving my youth

Do you ever identify with the phrase "in your element"?  I hear that some people have the jobs or lives of their dreams and are uber-successful and gorgeous and nothing is ever wrong in their lives.  That ain't me.  We are normal.  I like my job, but it isn't anything like what I ever dreamed I would do as an adult.  Same for Mr. H.

Mr. H was a high school athlete.  Probably could have played college, and maybe higher-level, but life got in the way, and the being a student part of college didn't appeal to him.  Whenever an athletic activity begins in our family, Mr. H is clearly in his element.  Confident, able, and thrilled to be playing a game again.  Sometimes it even overtakes him a bit, and he is quite competitive, to the point of being obnoxious.

There are many places I am comfortable, many things I enjoy, but last night, I think I found, perhaps, that one thing that I spent so much of my youth doing - and doing well - that it was like the proverbial bicycle ride, and I fell right back into it, as if I had never stopped doing it.

Roller skating.  Damn, I am a good skater.

The Princess had a scout outing to the roller rink.  She asked if I would stay and help her as she is not an accomplished skater.  We soon discovered that she didn't want to be a skater of any sort.  She really didn't like it one bit.  I told her of the years I spent going to "Pla-Mor" skating rink three and four times per week.  Practicing my skills in the garage, basement, and driveway when I couldn't get to the rink.  Budgeting my allowance to pay for skating (and a new cassette tape every couple of weeks).  My enthusiasm was not contagious.

The Princess made two long, painfully slow, clinging-to-the-wall circuits around the rink before announcing she was done.

I could have stayed all night.  The breeze in my hair, cutting in and out of traffic, showing off my smooth transitions to backward skating, spinning, speeding, coming to a screeching halt on my rented toe stoppers.  If I closed my eyes, I could block out the unfamiliar scene and see the blue floor of my childhood rink, the dark corner where kids went to make out, the skate counter where I would sit and flirt with cute Steve Walsh while he adjusted my skates, the lights flashing on the ceiling to "And the Cradle Will Rock".

It's only $2 to skate and $2 skate rental on Tuesday nights...I might have found my newest old hobby.  Now I need someone to come couple skate with me to "Keep On Lovin' You", just like old times.


CenTexTim said...

Two words: Roller ... Derby...

Harper said...

There are a couple of derby leagues around here, but those chicks look pretty cut-throat! I wonder if there is liquor involved? It isn't the violence that concerns me, it is the outfits. It might take a drink or four to get me into booty shorts.

CenTexTim said...

"It might take a drink or four to get me into booty shorts."

And another couple of drinks to get you out of them... ;-)