April 30, 2013

One of those mornings

Is it just me or are Tuesdays the new Mondays?

Slammed at home, slammed at work, car in the shop with the third rendition of fixing the same problem - and it isn't the mechanics fault, it is mine - for owning a P.O.S. Government Motors car.  But, supposedly, GM, in response to this epidemic issue, now has the part that will fix all of my air conditioning woes.  It better, because I am tired of turning my car off and on at red lights to get the computer to reset and blow cool air instead of hot.

Anxious for today's press conference, expecting to hear how many red lines Blowie is going to let Syria cross.  I have a vague memory of some parody movie or show scene that had a character drawing lines in the sand, which the other guy would cross, and then the main character would back up and draw another line in the sand and tell his nemesis not to cross that line...sounds like our leadership.

Back to the grind for a bit - maybe I can find some time for more coherent thoughts this afternoon.

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