April 16, 2013

On Boston.

It seems a bit hypocritical for me to have a blog, my own little corner of the interwebs, and still claim to hate modern technology in certain cases. 

Today is one of those times. 

What happened in Boston was horrific.  Terrible.  Frightening.  Sobering.  Sad.

We do not know exactly what happened.  There were explosions, there were deaths and injuries, and the rest, in the words of Shepard Smith, is media "smotherage".  Wall to wall coverage of an act we really know little about.  I have seen the same loop of video footage at least one hundred times - it was even playing on ESPN2 when we went to get wings for dinner last night. 

We will get some answers, eventually.  Maybe not all the answers, but Boston isn't going to suffer a Benghazi-type of cover up, there were simply too many people involved for that to happen.  So, we will get some facts, after some time has passed and the letter agencies have done their due diligence.  Until then, I wish the media would just step away.  People who are seeking news know where to go - we don't need 24 hour television coverage without any new information.

With that said, I do want to commend some unnamed people that have become my heroes in this event.  I do not know their names, and I hesitate to describe them in detail, as I think there are probably dozens more that I would miss.

The people that have become my heroes are those who, on the video tapes, were seen turning toward the explosion, not running away.  Some were clearly law enforcement, trained to fight rather than fly, but some were civilians, with a natural instinct to face the danger head on.  There were those that literally gave the shirt off their back, the belt from their pants, to staunch wounds and cushion heads.  God Bless You.  Not too many of us know how we would react in a situation like this, but I hope that I would have the guts to stand my ground and help my fellow man. 

Prayers for Boston.

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