April 18, 2013

Neener, neener, neener

And nanny-nanny-boo-boo, too!
Never before had President Barack Obama put the moral force and political muscle of his presidency behind an issue quite this big — and lost quite this badly. 
The president, shaken to the core by the massacre of 26 innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School, broke his own informal “Obama Rule” — of never leaning into an issue without a clear path to victory — first by pushing for a massive gun control package no one expected to pass, and then sticking through it even as he retrenched to a relatively modest bipartisan bill mandating national background checks on gun purchases.
"Shaken to the core".  Yes, I suppose I can concede that, after all, he waited 8 whole days after the massacre to fly to Hawaii and hit the links.

I listened to Blowie's remarks on the radio.  I didn't need to see his face to know that he looked like a petulant child.  I bet he stomped his foot and stuck his lip out when he saw the Senate vote count.  He sounded just like my 6-year old when he doesn't get his way, especially the part where it is everyone else's fault.  At least my child doesn't have any victims or their families to trot out for the cameras.

I am trying to find some portion of the 90% of Americans that supported this legislation.  Blowie has been saying some version of that for weeks.  The 10% of Americans that don't support the bill seem to occupy my home, town, workplace, and internet haunts.

One thing at the beginning of Blowie's whine-fest that struck me as hypocritical normal for the left, but still disturbing:
"...And Gabby Giffords, by the way, is both — she’s a gun owner and a victim of gun violence." 
Which is a true statement, backed by this article from January of this year:
Giffords and Kelly said they support the Second Amendment to the Constitution and are both gun owners. Giffords said she owns a Glock handgun. 
Juxtapose that statement with this information from the same article:
Giffords said her recovery work includes physical therapy, speech therapy and yoga and that it is going "so slowly, so slowly." When asked about the hardest part of her day, she gestured to her face and said, "I don't like at all. I'm sad."
Kelly explained that she was referring to difficulties seeing with her right eye and moving on the right side of her body. The segment showed Giffords walking with a service dog, her right side appearing stiff. She nodded at a suggestion that she gets frustrated trying to find the right words.
She obviously, and admittedly, is often frustrated and has physical impairments that are contraindicated for safe gun handling.  Giffords had a traumatic brain injury, and TBIs are known to result in cognitive, behavioral, and emotional manifestations, in other words, mental health conditions that should preclude her from being a gun owner.  But, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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Titan Mk6B said...

Well, we all know the 90% figure is a lie.

I did not mean to watch the press conference yesterday the TV just happened to be on and there it was. The way that idiot was spewing spittle made me laugh out loud.