April 25, 2013

Missing Buckyballs and switchblades...

Thanks to the Boston Bombers, we can reasonably expect to see new limitations on the purchase of:
Pressure cookers
Remote Control Cars (Oh, well, there are at least 20 in my sons' rooms)
What other things have assorted criminals ruined for the rest of us?  Think of anything that you can't get, or have to jump through hoops to possess - that isn't because of something you did, it was because of something a small percentage of idiots did, causing governmental intervention.

Strike that, we are all idiots for being complacent, apathetic, and unconcerned with our leadership until the system and the government responsible for it grew so big that it seems that nothing short of a full-fledged revolution will result in affirmative change.

I can't even buy a damn Sharpie marker and some Sudafed without handing over my driver's license, so why should I be surprised that Boston bomber-related SWAT teams forced people from their homes at gun point?

The erosion of rights for all because of the acts of a few.
It’s time America finds itself again, kicking butt and taking names, not coddling from cradle to grave, refusing to ban things just to make people feel good, and not exponentially overreacting every single time something happens. In doing so, we wouldn’t be giving terrorists the recipe, as we just did, for how to paralyze a nation.
If we don’t wake up, the next time a major attack occurs, you can kiss the American way of life goodbye. And no amount of hug-ins will bring it back.

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