April 7, 2013

L'il Kim's Texas Target

As the rhetoric out of North Korea began to heat up, it was reported that L'il Kim's targets were LA, DC, Hawaii, and Austin, Texas. 

There is no shortage of articles, opinion pieces, statistical analyses, and blog posts on the effectiveness of gun free zones as easy targets.

I love my home state of Texas, but Austin is kind of like Vatican City in Rome - set apart unto itself and, in many ways, completely removed from the reality that surrounds it.  Austin an odd liberal bastion in the middle of this great state.

Yesterday "dozens" rallied at the state capitol in favor of universal background checks.  Speakers supporting the measure included an Austin city councilman and the Austin police chief.  Keep Austin Weird, indeed.

As those "dozens" held their event in Austin, over 41 dozen people showed up for a CHL seminar for teachers in Kennedale (just south of Fort Worth).  Over 500 educators desiring knowledge and information on gun rights, laws, and safety.  A vision of Chris Kyle's that became reality - and is sure to keep 2nd Amendment bashers awake at night.

So, if L'il Kim is looking for the gun free zone lovers in Texas, he found the right target, and Austinites need not come crying to us for help when they are caught empty headed handed. 

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