April 28, 2013

I can name that tune, for the most part

Bang and I watched this video last night, a retrospective of pop culture in 1999, and I made a startling discovery.  Generally, I am well versed in popular song, television, and movies - but this video threw me for a loop.  Most of the music was familiar, though I didn't recognize the faces, as well as most of the television references being completely foreign to me.

I started thinking that my age was catching up to me, and had a real minute or two of worry about the blank spot in my memory.  I could sing along with a majority of the songs, but recognized few movies, and fewer TV shows.  Then it hit me.  !999.  I lived in Langenselbold, Germany in 1999.  I had one English-language television station, AFN (Armed Forces Network), and listened to one radio station, AFRN.

I have never before had such a startling visual reminder of what I 'missed' living overseas.  And I mean that firmly tongue-in-cheek.  Still, it took me by surprise to realize that there is such a significant blank spot in my encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture from my lifetime.  

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