April 29, 2013


Golf count: 120

From Keith Koffler on Saturday morning:
President Obama will appear Saturday evening at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Normally, the president tells jokes, sometimes pretty funny ones. But please, not tonight.
You’ve just completed memorial services for the victims of the Boston bombings and the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion. The survivors and their broken bodies lie strewn throughout hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts and Texas, wondering how to carry on without the limbs they’d always had and with pain they’d never imagined.
You are the leader of a nation that was just attacked, and the comforter of those whose lives were blown apart in the duel tragedies. It’s a serious task demanding the projection of seriousness.
You supposedly felt moved enough this week to, um, share a moment of silence with your photographer in the Oval Office. You can make some amends for this crassness event by staying classy tonight.
In case you missed it, Obama didn't stay classy.  He didn't act presidential, or even empathetic.  Since he has checked the boxes on the mandatory appearances at memorial events, he is back into Celebrity President mode - and after a day of golfing, no less.

This pathetic excuse for a man makes me nauseous.

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