April 4, 2013

Evil winning

On January 31st, Kaufman County (Texas) Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse was gunned down on the courthouse steps, in broad daylight.

On March 19, the head of Colorado's prison system was murdered by Evan Ebel, a member of a white supremacy gang.  Police caught up to him two days later, chased him down and shot him to death in Decatur, Texas. 

This past weekend, Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife were murdered in their home

Yesterday, news came that two members of the same Aryan Brotherhood prison gang are possibly headed to Texas.

If you are a party to a court case involving white supremacy groups, your case has been delayed indefinitely. 

The bad guys are winning right now.  Prosecutors don't want to endanger their lives, or that of their families, so they are dropping the cases and living low, with 24-hour guards. 

This is not how justice is supposed to work.  Carry 'em if you've got 'em, folks - when these sort of characters come calling, there isn't time to seek help or a gun that is on the other side of the house. 

To make matters more interesting, the George W Bush Presidential Library on the campus of SMU in Dallas is about to host their grand opening event.  An event that will be attended by the current and all still living former presidents and (some of their) wives.   

I sure don't envy the Secret Service right now. 

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InsomniacSeeker said...

I have to say President Bush and his wife are very gracious to send an invitation to the current President and his wife. I don't know that I would have the character to do that.