April 6, 2013

Apologies to George Carlin

Bitch, ass, f*cking, shit.

Those are the four words that I wish weren't so prevalent on the radio.  And, without admitting any level of agreement with Tipper and her labeling squad, I would appreciate knowing, before I purchase my 10-year old daughter the special Target edition of a CD, if said CD is the radio edit or the potty-mouth version.  I bear no ill will toward the artistic expression, but if the "shit"-less version is being played on the commercial, one reasonably expects that the version marketed is the one same one being sold.  (One would be wrong).

With three kids in my car each day, clamoring to hear each of their favorite types of music, I am exposed to a wide range of genres - as are they, by me.  We compromise, and I think we are all, to some degree, better for expanding our musical horizons.

I remember two distinct songs from younger days - "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and "Jet Airliner", that had naughty bits in them.  Every once in awhile the "son of a bitch" version and the "funky shit" version made it on the radio.  I can't remember the last time I heard "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" on the radio, but I do hear "Jet Airliner" every now and again on the classic rock station, and these days it seems to be the "funky shit" version all the time.  Times have changed... 

My kids have had a different youth experience.  Zac Brown might have named the song "Toes", but Crash used to call it the "Ass Song".  Currently in heavy radio airplay is Macklemore's "Thrift Shop", a song in which they bleep out the "ck" in "fucking", in such a way that it does very little to mask the word at all.  Hilariously, the radio edit completely bleeps out the word "honky" - is anyone actually offended by that word?

It used to be that broadcast television and radio were a place that was relatively profanity- (and nudity, drug use, and graphic violence) free, while cable television and, more recently, satellite radio, were where the dirty stuff was.  I have no problem with it, I just would like a little head's up, some sort of notice, before the Top 40 station is screaming "Britney Bitch" at me at 8 am.

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