April 23, 2013

And keep Clinton off sorority row

I try to avoid Dallas as much as I can.  This week, I don't plan on going anywhere near it.  Any clue what sorts of nightmares will be created with all the living former presidents in town, the week after a terrorist attack, to boot?

I, of course, do not have Obama's travel schedule.  I am aware that there is a big hoochie DNC fundraiser on his schedule on Wednesday evening.  Air Force One lands at Love Field.  Unfortunately, so does Mr. Harper's flight that day...but I am sure that any delays will be blamed on the sequester-caused FAA furloughs.

I think someone is finally getting Blowie to listen.  He skipped golf this past weekend, even though the weather was outstanding for it.  And, since he is flying to Dallas on Wednesday, staying for the Thursday library opening, the White House announced that he and the Wookie would attend a memorial service in West, Texas.

Don't worry, fine people of West, they have to get back to D.C. for a Planned Parenthood fundraiser that night, so they won't be staying long.

So it seems like someone has convinced Blowie to care just a little about public perception.  Or maybe it is all a coincidence and he will be back to his normal, in-your-face, living high on the hog, uppity old self in a few days.

(And since you boys are bringing the wives, if Bill asks for directions to Daniel Avenue, beware).

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CenTexTim said...

I'm sure the fine people of West, Texas would prefer that he stay away and send FEMA or the national Guard instead. If this was a blue state they'd already be there.