April 26, 2013

Ahhhhh, Spring

The joys of spring in north Texas; here at Harper House the live oaks are coating everything in a layer of green pollen and catkins, decades of overcrowded irises are blooming, the weeds are vibrant, and the neighbor's cottonwood tree makes it look like it is snowing.

In the pastures there are calves and foals taking their first steps.  Baby birds have hatched.  The insects have come back with warm weather, and with them, the increasingly larger members of that food chain - lizards, snakes, roadrunners, etc.

Spring, a time or re-growth and re-birth, and, here at Harper House, death.

The confirmed kill count is:
Baby Lizard - 1
Snake - 1
Baby Bunny - 3
All suffered Death by Dachshund.

My Labrador has maimed his share of turtles and ducks, but it has always been, in my view, more of an accident by exuberant, slobbery, play-with-me over-enthusiasm.  The wiener dog is out for blood.

Some friends recently posted a picture on Facebook, of five scorpions pinned to their daughter's bulletin board.  She keeps them as trophies in their never-ending war against the stinging scourge.  We haven't seen any scorpions yet, but when they come, that could just be the little brown hound's redemption.  Keep the scorpion population down and I might forgive the bunny massacre.

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