March 26, 2013

They found Atlantis

No, no, not the mythical Atlantis, the literal one, in the Bahamas.  In what should surprise no one, as Obama preaches hardship sequester-style, his daughters are vacationing at the swanky resort.

While I could drone on and on about the hypocrisy of the profligate Obama family, what irks me more is this apparent repeat of Malia's Mexico adventure during Spring Break last year.  You remember, that trip she took with her class that was widely reported for about 4 hours, and then the story mysteriously disappeared from all American news outlets in a stunning display of government mandated censorship that no American media had the balls to stand up to.

News flash, I don't give two shits where the Obama girls spend their vacation.  It is no surprise to me that they are spending money, including that of the American taxpaying public - we know they didn't fly commercial and they aren't without the Secret Service, at the very least.  I am surprised that they thought they could pull this censorship stunt all over again.

The girls are at a public resort, and entering public places, and a brave/starstruck few people have snapped (and posted) photos of them in the Bahamas - but those photos quickly disappear, just like the photos of Malia in Mexico did.

It is terrifying, the level of control this administration has over the people.  Someone, somewhere, in our country, tonight, has been coerced into locking down a Twitter account, closing their social media pages, removing legally taken photographs - and all will be reported as done in the interest of respecting the privacy of the Obama daughters, and protecting their individual rights. When is it that their father will respect ours?

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