March 28, 2013


Yesterday, the Des Moines Register published an interactive map showing all of the Iowa public schools that have no security officer.  Their idiotic interactive map included pop up information on the exact location and number of students at the schools.  I will not reproduce it, or its current revision, here, but you can see the screen grabs on The Blaze.
The paper does point out that the number of schools with officers could increase as many districts are currently updating their safety and security plans. However, the interactive map posted online identifies more than 100 public schools, from kindergarten through high school and community college campuses that have no security.
Many Iowans who have seen the map are not happy about this information being made public. It reminded them of the story from last December, when the New York Journal News published the names and addresses of legal pistol owners. Public pressure eventually forced the New York paper to pull the map, especially after they were embarrassed by the amount of outdated and inaccurate data their story contained. In early February, when the New York Times tried to gain access to a list of pistol permit holders, a court denied that request and some legal experts claim that decision also rendered the Journal News action to be illegal.
It is also worth noting that both the New York Journal News and the Des Moines Register are owned by the same company, Gannett — the publishers of USA Today.
Remember when hard hitting journalists published stories about criminals and criminal activities to out the bad guys instead of making targets of the good guys?

Someone spent hours putting together that interactive map, making thousands of innocent school children the potential target of a copycat crime - or any number of other crimes that may indirectly harm them or put them in harm's way.  A school without security may well be attractive to any thief going after computers, locker contents, lunch money, along with pedophiles, rapists, kidnappers...

It goes without saying that the writer of that story, the creator of that map, should be looking for a new job right about now.  And probably some form of counseling to deal with the paranoia of what may come of his actions.

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CenTexTim said...

Maybe someone should publish a map showing all the newspaper offices that are gun-free zones.