March 15, 2013

Shall not be infringed

No doubt by now you have heard or read about Senator Ted Cruz's exchange with Senator Frankenstein (my kids came up with that without any prompting).

And while I enjoyed the vein of Cruz's question, and the expected arrogant non-reply,  I think the part of the video that too many people are glossing over is what Dick Durbin said toward the end.  Start the video around the 5:30 mark...

"None of these rights is absolute.  None of them."

Say what?

Is Durbin aware that this part of the Constitution is called the "Bill of Rights"?

Any and every politician that shares that view - that they, the Congress, the government, are in some way a supreme commander of our lives, and that they have the ability to tinker with our country's foundational documents on a whim - should be quickly and roundly dismissed from their post.  These people are not public servants they are tyrants.

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CenTexTim said...

A commenter on another blog (forget which one), referring to Feinstein's remark that her bill didn't infringe on the 2nd Amendment because it exempted certain firearms from the ban, said that we should apply that logic to senators from California.

Banning them from the senate wouldn't be unconstitutional because we would still admit senators from other states.

Makes sense to me.