March 19, 2013

Ignoring Laws

Some friends of mine recently purchased a new home in a subdivision that has an HOA.  Ugh.  They soon sought the righteous path to home and landscape improvement, and submitted several requests for such controversial items as pampas grass planting and garden shed placement.  They were denied, even though nearly every neighbor had something in their yard that was similar.

I read through their HOA covenants and rules and soon discovered their errors, as well as the smart, yet infuriating precedent-exempting legalese that said "Even if a neighbor has it, it doesn't mean we have to approve yours."  And they also say they will do nothing to retro-actively enforce the HOA-scofflaws and make them adhere to the same set of rules that they hold the law-abiding residents to.

Sound familiar?

Scanning the news this morning, two stories further drove home the blood-boiling circumvention of our country's intended judicial system (you know, the one where our elected representatives draft laws and then police, municipal and judicial systems enforce them?).

A judge in Missouri struck down a 'moral obligation' loophole that allowed companies a way around providing birth control as part of their health care plans.  The judge had to strike it from the books because it conflicted with Obamacare - but...
Although she struck it down, Fleissig did not issue a permanent injunction against Missouri's law because she said the state insurance department had agreed not to enforce it and to withdraw its administrative complaints against the health insurers.
Eh, we're not planning on enforcing it anyway, just had to get it off the books, so Blowie and his goons won't give us any guff.

And the story that thrills me the most...
Including Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County, Colorado, 340 sheriffs have publicly stated they will not enforce gun laws they believe are unconstitutional.
The symbolism of ELECTED law enforcement officials publicly stating that they intend to violate federal law makes me giddy.  But it shouldn't have to be this way.  We are supposed to value our Constitution, appreciate our historical rights, value our laws.

When did things start getting so backwards?

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