March 14, 2013

Grandparent Genius

My kids, like many across the nation, are on spring break this week.  Boom is home from college, and thankfully, her break aligned with that of her siblings.

Since I started a new job just a few months ago (and there was a bit of a bloodbath at my office between other people requesting the entire week off), we didn't have the opportunity to plan any sort of family vacation.  Mr. H and I have been able to be home, or take the kids somewhere, a couple of afternoons.  The kids have filled the mornings with the obligatory movie watching and XBox playing.

The grandparents had mentioned that they would like to do something with the kiddos this week.  A trip to the movies was the frontrunner early in the week.  Then sometime Tuesday, Granddad got a spark of genius...

As the weather has been warm and lovely after a couple of inches of rain last weekend, Grandma was forming quite the list of spring chores that needed attention; a fresh coat of stain on the swing-set/fort, cleaning the pool, painting a trailer, and various landscaping and garden-planting items.

First Granddad put a price on several of the chores and offered them up to the grandchildren.  They were moderately enthused.  Now, the idea has morphed into a Big Day of Fun (doing Granddad's chores), with an all-cousin sleepover, candy, popsicles, and an end-of-work-week barbeque complete with s'mores, provided the kids get the fire pit cleaned out and ready for the season.

Now why didn't I think of that?

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