March 11, 2013


Golf count holding at 116, but spring and summer are sure to ramp up that number.

And today, a story of survival.  Of a woman once thrown to the wolves (of Sunday morning television), and thrown under the bus, yet lives to tell the tale - and now is likely to get herself a Cabinet post.
U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is the leading contender to become the White House’s new national security adviser, following a failed bid to become secretary of state, a senior Obama administration official told Fox News this weekend.
President Obama could appoint Rice without the Senate confirmation needed for a Cabinet post. Rice withdrew herself from consideration for the secretary of state post in the face of withering criticism by congressional Republicans and others for her handling of the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2012, Libya terror attacks.
This woman is an idiot all on her own.  Nevermind that she has been Obama's puppet and main flak jacket on Libya - which, incidentally, we still know little about.
Why in the world does this doormat of a woman keep getting considered for important positions?  Does she have some smoking gun that would harm the prez?  
And why does this administration want to recycle damaged goods?  I suppose I would want a yes-girl lackey that did my bidding in ugly situations, the way Rice did on Libya.  I guess that explains it.

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