March 25, 2013

FOD - Bring 'em home edition

Each year, I download this report of where American troops are stationed, and play a little trivia game with myself, to see if I can figure out why we have American military members stationed in over 150 countries around the world.  Some are easier than others, whether they be current hotspots or strategic locations that are closer to current or potential concerns.  Others are a complete mystery.

It evokes some sentiment to see single and double-digit numbers of Americans currently stationed where once the numbers were much greater.  The Bosnia and Kosovo years were my era of greatest loss - friends, neighbors, and young soldiers in my (ex)husband's command.   

The media talks a lot about the U.S. 'winding down' operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines deploy everyday.  Now, my daughter sees friends leaving, comforts those left behind, and, inevitably, will eventually suffer the loss of someone fighting for, well, I don't know what.

Obama the Warmonger, as my friend Whited calls him, he promised to bring 'em all home.  Yet, just last month he sent troops to Niger to stick our collective American nose into someone else's business, even as we, back home in the good old U.S. of A., can't even pay a living wage to D.C. staffers.

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