March 12, 2013

Cops Ignoring the 4th Amendment

This isn't one of those shock stories about a SWAT team busting in the front door of the wrong home, or shooting an innocent family's dog - but for freedom-loving Americans, it should be just as disturbing.
"I don't feel safe here at all," said Jon Locke, who owns the house.

He isn't concerned about criminals, but instead is worried about Garland police after reviewing the images his surveillance cameras recently recorded.

"We lost that trust in GPD. It's time for us to go," Locke added.

Garland police had an arrest warrant for Locke's brother, who does not live at the address. Still, two officers showed up looking for him when the family wasn't home, according to surveillance video reviewed by News 8.

The images show one officer open Locke's truck and then dig through a bag of papers outside.
A second officer is seen at the back of the house peering through several large windows. When the policeman sees a surveillance camera watching him, the officer walks up to it and twists it off its mount, leaving it aimed at a brick wall.

"After looking through the windows and displacing my camera, [the officer] did open the [back] door here — which was unlocked at the time — and opened it up two to three feet, stuck his head in, and then closed the door," Locke said.
Most people never realize they are under constant surveillance in this modern world.  More and more homeowners are adding cameras to their home security systems.  One of my neighbors had a pile of evidence photos to use against someone stalking their daughter.  Another caught a thief.  Can you imagine coming home and seeing that your local police poked around while you were gone?

Like every other career in the world, there are good cops and bad cops.  It scares me when the bad ones find other bad ones to pair up with and go around doing crap like this.  Makes you wonder about their leadership and training, and how many of their fellow officers have the same level of disrespect and lack of education.

These officers must have had Obama as their Constitutional law professor.

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