March 13, 2013

Conspiracy Theories

As we get older, we tend to collect people.  You know, the sort of people that you can talk about having known, in the "I knew a guy..." sense.

I know some marginally famous people, in fact, I think I have a draft blog post about that somewhere...

I have known some great people and some truly evil people.  But, I am most fascinated by those who have some wacko side that you would never expect based on their outward appearance and general demeanor.

I know a lady that is all-in on the Sasquatch thing.  Her Facebook teems with linked stories to sightings, television documentary listings, and comments from other Bigfoot believers.  For those who don't know her that well, she seems like a kindly old piano teacher.

I once knew a guy that steadfastly refused to believe that dinosaurs ever existed.  It wasn't a religious thing, and he wasn't an uneducated person.  He just did not believe that dinosaurs ever walked the earth.  Really.  And all the museums and paleontologists are in on it.

I don't think I have any outlandish conspiracy theory beliefs.  Do you?

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