March 24, 2013

Burning Bloomberg's Bankroll

Buried in this nauseating story about Nanny Bloomberg's $12 million gun control ad campaign, was a list of the states that his PAC thinks are divided on gun control:
The new ads will air in 13 states the group believes are divided on gun control: Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 
Help me out here, why are Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina potentially divided?  
I can come up with various reasons for the other states listed (in no particular order as so not to directly offend friends and family that reside north of the currently accepted location of the Mason-Dixon line); liberal, Yankee, easily influenced by current events, brain addled by the cold, elected Harry Reid, etc. But I really don't know the explanations for the ones listed above that are generally considered "Southern", red, conservative, Constitution-loving states.
I am left to wonder what data Nanny B used to determine that the above named states are on the fence. 
A friend recently traveled to Arkansas, Fayetteville to be specific.  We have a bit of a coordinated effort among a group of people, to look for ammo wherever we go, as the supply in Texas is nearly non-existent.  The call soon came that the sporting goods stores there had ammo on the shelves, no limits, decent selection.  He loaded up. 
Is that a sign that folks in Arkansas aren't panic buying and/or burning through ammo at the range sharpening their skills?  Are they truly undecided about gun control, as Nanny B would have us believe?
Or could it be that the fine folks to my east, having survived native son Clinton's gun control measures, are adequately supplied, sufficiently skilled, and smart enough to keep their mouths closed and let liberal over-reachers spend their money to air ads that will fall on deaf ears?

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