March 6, 2013

Begging for work

An Inland Empire (California) woman is determined to move heaven and Earth – or give away $500 – to help her daughter find a new job.
Linda Smith, 61, is offering $500 to anyone who will take her daughter Lisa’s resume and get her a job.
Granted, I haven't seen Lisa's resume, but if she has even remedial clerical skills (which is the sort of job she is looking for), she could easily make the $15 per hour she is looking for - if she would get the hell out of California.

I wonder if Lisa and Linda have ever sat down and put a pencil to paper to look at the cost of living on the left coast?  A $15 per hour job is nothing to sneeze at, but that money can't go far in Cali.

To paraphrase the great Sam Kinison, "Hey Linda, get your kid, get your stuff, and move to where to jobs are!".

In retrospect, I hope that people like Linda and her daughter stay put.  While occasional outside-the-box thinking is good during a job search, who really wants a job their mom got for them by standing on a street corner and offering a bounty?  There is this little thing called a work ethic, and it is displayed even during the job search process.  If their solution is to beg for a job, rather than look beyond their narrow view of what, where, and how much - then California is right where they belong.

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